Clear Actionable Intelligence

Vcheck Global’s due diligence investigations combine comprehensive public records research and AI technology to deliver actionable results clients need to mitigate risk and make informed business decisions.

Major business deals gone awry and regulators issuing hefty corporate fines reinforce the need for thorough due diligence and background checks before and during decision making for important and often high-stakes business decisions.

Core Features

Industry Reputation

Providing industry and media coverage to help you identify noteworthy and adverse information.

Sanctions & Watchlists

Identifying political exposure, global sanctions violations, and regulatory body violations.

Professional History

Detailed overview of professional track record and corporate relationships.

Criminal & Civil Records

Providing full criminal, civil, bankruptcy, judgements and liens reporting.

Pertinent Details Prevent Devastating Losses

There is more data available today than ever before, making the task of investigating entities and individuals a daunting challenge for most businesses. Consider this: there are 3,007 counties across the United States, and each has its own court and record system. There is no singular, unified database with all records from all jurisdictions.

As a result, many due diligence and background check companies produce reports that are often missing valuable data because they did not send an investigator to a courthouse in Kentucky. Others still produce reports with excess information and filler content. This illusion of value results in little more than unnecessary frustration.

Consider this: there are 3,007 counties across the United States, and each has its own court and record system.

Vcheck Global’s ability to provide comprehensive litigation reporting through both public records, AI, and onsite court searches enables our investigators to create the most thorough reports in the industry.

Vcheck Global’s AI technology can mine for valuable data compiled into thorough reports, overseen by trained investigators and reviewed by a senior team member for quality control. We help businesses across all industries prevent potentially devastating losses by performing the due diligence needed and often required for hiring, investing, lending, and other common business actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in due diligence investigations?

Investigations typically include a full review of public records, including, but not limited to: corporate registration, civil and criminal legal records, bankruptcies, judgments, liens, local and English-language media and internet records, and cross referencing of sanctions lists and political exposure databases.

The aim of each investigation is to build a reputational profile of the target subjects so that our clients are making the best possible business decision. In jurisdictions where publicly available information is limited, we work with our clients to craft a cost-conscious human intelligence report that utilizes our global network of sources to assess the reputation of the parties in question (see FAQ section for Discreet Source Inquiries).

How does Vcheck Global due diligence investigation service differ from other providers?

Vcheck Global combines human research with technological enablers to ensure the accuracy of the information presented and assist in decreasing turnaround times. Our research staff is trained to see subjects as a whole and to use the totality of research findings to confirm, question, and present the most comprehensive report possible.

When do clients generally require your investigations services?

Typically our clients will order due diligence prior to the closing of a merger or acquisition, prior to public filings, prior to equity or cash investments, or on a regular basis as part of their anti-bribery & corruption (ABC) and/or anti-money laundering (AML) programs. In some instances, clients will engage our services for remediation purposes and internal whistleblower cases.