Leverage International Experts

Vcheck Global’s international due diligence services provide comprehensive reporting on litigation, criminal activity, sanctions and watchlists, and other derogatory content.

Automated services provided by most due diligence background investigation companies will not be able to provide the detailed foreign intelligence needed for legal matters. Vcheck Global’s network of court runners gather public records not available online and provide them to our in-house linguist specialists for translation and review.

Core Features

Red Flag Identification

Creating a risk profile of key red flags on companies and principals.

Translation Analysis

Analyzing data translated by in-house linguist specialists.

Professional History

Verifying educational and employment history in foreign jurisdictions.

Compliance Verification

Ensuring compliance with international regulatory bodies and KYC.

Thorough Analysis of Foreign Public Records

International litigation due diligence is widely known as the most tedious to complete due to challenges accessing and then translating public records from foreign countries, especially in high-risk jurisdictions. Our network of trusted court runners can procure public records anywhere in the world.

Amongst our team of experienced investigators are talented linguists who are familiar with local dialects. Regardless of the originating jurisdiction, Vcheck Global has an in-house language specialists who can translate public record documents for our clients.

Our network of trusted court runners can procure public records anywhere in the world.

In a recent case, Vcheck Global assigned a resource in Saudi Arabia to visit court offices to gather records that were not available online. The source was able to procure the records, which were then delivered to and translated by our Arabic language expert.

All international due diligence reports include checks against sanctions lists and foreign government watchlists, as well as native-lanugage searches of news media and internet information platforms. Vcheck Global also performs Level II discreet source inquiries for international due diligence upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which foreign jurisdictions does your due diligence service cover?

Vcheck Global can cover nearly every jurisdiction from a public records standpoint. As noted above, the availability of public records varies according to jurisdiction and we work with clients to tailor a solution that meets their needs. Often, discreet source inquiries are needed to uncover details not available in jurisdictions with limited public records.

How do you assess a subject’s political or government exposure in foreign jurisdictions and associated risks?

We speak with a range of well-informed and non-biased sources to understand a subject’s political leanings, involvement, and the nature of their relationships with government officials or politicians to understand any untoward use of those connections. We can also conduct politically exposed persons (PEP) searches and uncover records of political donations.

How does Vcheck Global navigate sanctioned countries and conflict zones?

Vcheck Global does not operate in sanctioned countries including, but not limited to Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Vcheck Global will not pay administrative or other fees to government agencies in sanctioned countries to retrieve information (i.e. corporate registration records, legal documents, etc.). We will also not engage sources for source inquiries in sanctioned countries, conflict zones or jurisdictions where the source may be subject to injury or imprisonment.