Uncover Hidden Assets

Vcheck Global helps clients involved in judgments from litigation locate assets across the U.S. and internationally for clients in various industries from banking to legal to accounting.

Our highly skilled investigators can find contract disputes, follow the money on potentially fraudulent investment deals, and locate assets globally including properties, residences, vehicles, vessels, aircraft, retirement accounts, bank accounts, trusts, and estates. All assets uncovered are presented with associated debts and legal action taken against the entity or individual.

Core Features

Accounts Verification

Reviewing identified global bank account data and brokerage portfolios.

Property Identification

Verifying ownership of U.S.-based real estate, autos, aircraft, and boating vessels.

Civil Charge Records

Uncovering all bankruptcies and judgments against a subject.

Judgment Enforcement

Combing through all associated liens, evictions, foreclosures, and debts.

Navigate Regulations to Reveal Hidden Wealth

When choosing Vcheck Global to conduct an asset search on a subject, rest assured that our investigators are skilled in ethical methods of obtaining reliable information and know the ins and outs of various jurisdictional restrictions. Intricate federal statute prohibits certain techniques for tracing bank accounts, making it easy for unskilled investigators to break the law.

Uncovering assets and liabilities involves a multifaceted approach to gathering intelligence, from pulling court filings located anywhere in the world to accessing public records to reveal intelligence including but not limited to driving history, vehicle registrations, firearms permits, and real property ownership.

Intricate federal statute prohibits certain techniques for tracing bank accounts, making it easy for unskilled investigators to break the law.

In the heated pressure of a lawsuit whose defendant claims not to have assets, it is imperative for the plaintiff to cautiously navigate the law to uncover sources of wealth. For example, our investigators have assisted law firms to identify and verify assets that a defendant had been hiding through the use of an alias.

Vcheck Global investigators know how to uncover potentially hidden assets while meeting the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Financial Services Modernization Act, and the Right to Financial Privacy Act.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an asset search report include?

Vcheck Global’s reports include more than a subject’s assets and liabilities; we provide details for each case on employment history, civil or criminal records, and known associates.

How are liabilities broken down in your asset search reports?

Each report prepared by Vcheck Global will include all identified liabilities including bankruptcies, judgments, state and federal tax liens, uniform commercial code (UCC) liens, and lawsuits.

Does Vcheck Global perform forensic accounting?

Vcheck Global's asset search services focus on compiling and analyzing the status of assets as part of a due diligence background investigation. Uncovering assets associated with an individual or entity does not include financial statement review, and our investigators cannot report on assets transferred to another individual or entity.