Avoid Potentially Disasterous Deals

Venture capital firms looking to verify the legitimacy and security of an investment opportunity rely on Vcheck Global's in-depth reporting to protect investor funding and prevent risk criminals from entering their portfolios. Venture capitalists are often placing funds in the hands of founders of small, unestablished companies without much of a track record. Conducting thorough due diligence on those founders tends to reveal the most valuable data for investors.

Startup businesses seeking venture capital must earn the trust of investors by building a strategic, honest relationship that is foundational to the longevity of the business. A background check investigation that helps investors verify the expertise of a company’s talent, their employment and educational history, their criminal background, and their online reputation—all influential factors in the future success of an investment opportunity—is a critical component to solidifying that relationship for the long term.

Vcheck Global’s investigators are able to gather little-known details and pertinent facts about a deal before it becomes a potentially embarrassing or disastrous investment. For example, a venture capital firm was interested in funding a small business but wanted to verify the founders’ employment and educational history. Vcheck Global’s investigative team took the case and uncovered that one of the founders had misrepresented his time at university, which halted the deal.

Applicable Services

We help uncover details on investment opportunities and their corporate leadership.

We examine social media for personality data as well as discriminatory or illegal activity.

We provide human intelligence to help you create a personality and reputation profile.

We verify the source and quantity of funding in an investment opportunity.

We use foreign media and government records to identify an investment's reputation.