Thorough Transactional Due Diligence

Investment banks across the U.S. rely on Vcheck Global's experienced investigators to meet regulatory requirements in a variety of business situations. Vcheck Global’s trained investigators easily navigate regulations for investigating parties involved in IPO, capital raises, boards of directors, and M&A transactions.

Before any investment bank will help a business entity raise capital or prepare to go public, various regulations must be met including OFAC, U.S. Patriot Act, and other sanctions. Vcheck Global helps investment banks perform domestic and international due diligence investigations, conduct social media and database searches, and create KYC/AML reports on prospective clients.

Data gathered by Vcheck Global investigators has been used to make critical decisions about prospective investment banking clients. For example, a recent case required a public records search on a small U.S. financial institution looking to be acquired by our client. After completing our standard due diligence, the client came back to us with rumors about the CEO and asked us to dig deeper. We conducted discreet source inquiries, resulting in 14 people expressing negative comments about this CEO. The reputational damage was so significant that our client decided not to go forward with the deal.

Applicable Services

We help you determine the reputation of the entities and individuals associated with deals.

We analyze relevant results from social media content scraped by our AI technology.

We leverage our robust source network to gather human intelligence on investment culture and industry reputation.

We vet investors in the AML process to verify the location and validity of funding sources.

We source public records to generate detailed reports on the global reputations of foreign entities.