Mitigate Trading & Investing Risk

Hedge fund managers have the crucial responsibility of strategically investing pooled capital for positive returns regardless of market performance. Vcheck Global assists hedge fund managers in the process of selecting investments by investigating complex financial instruments they may be considering as an investment opportunity, thoroughly searching for evidence validating that the potential investment meets the fund's standards.

Vcheck Global’s investigative team looks into civil, criminal, and regulatory infractions, including AML checks on principals and key employees of potential investments, as well as comprehensive databases, back-channel references and direct interviews to compile thorough reports. Our reports bring clarity to potential risks by vetting executives, searching for negative reviews and industry reputation.

With Vcheck Global as a partner, you can go beyond market indicators to appropriate the value and risk of an investment before entering into the deal, learn about the opportunity’s existing risk reports, references, and performance track record including corrective action, and glean the knowledge you need including history of audits. Our investigators also provide due diligence services for high net worth investors who desire a certain level of confidence in a hedge fund manager before placing their bets on him or her.

Applicable Services

We help you determine the reputation of the targets of investments or of the fund managers.

We uncover industry reputation, culture, and historical results from our international source network.

We can evaluate a foreign target or foreign fund managers in tax-haven jurisdictions.