Third Party Due Diligence

Vcheck Global’s skilled team of investigators frequently perform third party due diligence on vendors, suppliers, business partners, and agents foreign and domestic, identifying corruption or illegal activity that may preclude a client from entering into a deal or vetting an executive. With each investigation, Vcheck Global verifies the subject’s track record of doing business, as well as identified owners and their reputations.

There are always risks when entering a third-party relationship. An agent could be issuing bribes government officials or regulators to secure company contracts or licenses. A vendor could be entangled in human rights issues like modern slavery by forcing labor. A business partner may have a track record of environmental violations such as illegal dumping of corporate waste into water sources. Third parties may also have relationships with local politicians or state-owned entities, which could increase the risk of bribery.

If you choose to do business with a third party, and that third party turns out to be involved in illegal activity, there is little that can be done to separate you from it. In the eyes of the U.S. Department of Justice under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, you are just as responsible as the third party for its actions. Moreover, our investigative team will go the extra mile to verify what has been portrayed to the client, conducting site visits to verify a business exists. During such site visits, Vcheck Global investigators have on various occasions identified what was portrayed as a major distribution office to actually be a broken-down shack.

Applicable Services

We help you determine risk with third-party vendors, suppliers, agents, and partners.

Properly vet executive leaders before empowering them in your workplace.

We gather human intelligence to create a detailed, thorough personality profile of a subject.

We gather and analyze relevant personality data on executives from social media.

Our global connections allow us to access foreign government and media intelligence.

We can conduct investigations in less-transparent jurisdictions for companies.