Mitigate Client & Vendor Risk

Vcheck Global works with accounting firms to compile and report on valuable insights that inform decision making around accepting or continuing client, employee, and vendor engagements including public and non-public audits, taxation, and corporate structure. We verify regulatory compliance, identify reputational and fiscal risks, and help accounting firms reduce their liability to relying on their financial statements.

Professional reputation and legal statues have driven accounting firms to take a more active approach in evaluating key relationships, particularly with the use of background checks. As legislators and judges have strengthened consumer laws protecting against accounting firm negligence, accountants have greater concerns about preventing entanglements that bode unsatisfactory risk levels.

For example, Vcheck Global’s investigative team is experienced in client onboarding, KYC, and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act searches, all of which can be conducted as a complement to public and non-public audits. In the case of a public audit, the risks associated with accounting firms that enter the public sphere and become a trusted source must be mitigated.

Applicable Services

We comb through public records and databases to verify identity and reputation.

We use AI to analyze public social media content for derogatory and illegal activity.

We procure human intelligence via a robust source network in foreign jurisdictions.

We verify sources of wealth, including property, residences, accounts, and estates.

We work with court runners to gather physical public records from around the world.

We uncover risks associated with third-party suppliers, vendors, and agents.