Vcheck investigated the founder of an acquisition target to uncover reputational and legal risk indicators on behalf of a private equity firm.


Pre-Investment/M&A Due Dilligence


United States


Private Market Investors


Vcheck's client had heard rumors that the executive (Subject) of an acquisition target was a potentially problematic individual and had been responsible for defrauding customers, however, the client had no direct evidence to indicate as such. One challenge they faced in uncovering this information was that the Subject had residential footprints spanning multiple states and had a common name that added unhelpful "noise" to the searches.


Vcheck uncovered lawsuits and customer complaints involving the Subject that corroborated the rumors of fraudulent behavior. Through comprehensive public records research and the investigative experience to cut through the noise, Vcheck surfaced concrete intelligence that allowed the Client to make the necessary decisions to move forward with confidence. In this instance, Vcheck uncovered a case concerning a fraudulent property lien as well as anonymous but consistent reviews left on a customer complaint website that alleged the individual’s company scammed customers.

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