Vcheck highlights the benefit of combining public records research with human intelligence to gain insight into a potential investment partner’s reputation.


Pre-Investment/M&A Due Dilligence


United States


Private Market Investors


Vcheck’s client was considering a partnership with an investment firm to collaborate on a new round of investments and wanted to learn more about the founder's track record before moving forward. Public records research into the investment firm founder showed that their previous firm had ceased to function. However, with no records of adverse findings, opensource public records could not identify the “why” to the subject’s previous defunct business.


Vcheck discreetly drew on a network of sources familiar with the Subject, uncovering that the individual grossly misrepresented their experience and knowledge. The inquires uncovered underwhelming and strongly negative commentary on the Subject. Multiple sources felt that the Subject had oversold their expertise, experience and track record which led to their business going under. Vcheck saved the client from a partnership with an investor who was a reputational risk despite no red flags being initially found

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