Vcheck helps healthcare fund avoid acquiring clinics with HIPAA violations.


United States


An investor fund focused on the U.S. healthcare market was considering acquiring a physician-owned medical clinic group. Broadly, the medical group and its founders seemed above water. However, seasoned by years of experience in the healthcare sector, the investor was concerned about healthcare's lofty compliance requirements, including HIPPA and privacy regulations. So, the firm contacted Vcheck to conduct background checks on the medical group's owners.


Strikingly, Vcheck found litigation: One of the group's owners faced an alleged HIPPA violation involving unauthorized access to medical records and a third-party confidentiality breach without patient consent. Vcheck's research team's findings raised a severe red flag for the healthcare investor. However, we armed our clients with actionable insights that allowed them to proceed with the deal without fear of further allegations. The fund went through some restructuring and removed the owner facing litigation.

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