Vcheck Global Receives Strategic Investment from Sunstone Partners


Today, Sunstone Partners announced its strategic growth investment in Vcheck to accelerate product and technology developments. Our goal is to enhance the delivery of innovative due diligence and background investigation solutions.

“Vcheck Global has experienced unprecedented growth over the last few years, and we have an incredible opportunity to truly change the game for lenders, investors, risk and compliance leaders, and supply chain managers across the globe,” said Vcheck CEO Julie Peck. “The Vcheck team believes that Sunstone’s investment approach and partnership model will help us accelerate the execution of our ambitious vision of delivering unmatched service and customer experience [through our] unique use of technology and our unwavering focus on the power of a flawless service experience. It was clear from our earliest interactions with Sunstone that their team shared our vision, stressing their desire to preserve our unique culture, relentless customer focus, and superior investigative depth and quality. We look forward to partnering with them during this next exciting phase of Vcheck’s growth and innovation.”

Read the full announcement here.

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