Vcheck Global Announces Launch of Advanced AI to Scan Social Media Data in Connection with Background Checks and Due Diligence


VCheck Global, a leading provider of business to business due diligence background checks, has launched its new application to utilize advanced AI to scan social media data. The Company is offering this solution for corporate clients and financial institutions to gather and review an individual’s entire online identity which will generate an easy to read report based upon pre-set criteria chosen by the help determine how well a potential employee or business partner may fit into the organizational framework. Vcheck Global clients will be able to customize the category of “social media red flags” for which  they want to screen.

The need for a social media screening product is a long overdue tool and service that will compliment and add value to Vcheck Global’s existing core business of domestic and international corporate due diligence services.  When paired with Vcheck Global’s full scope of investigative services, the client will be provided with a more robust view of the individual under consideration. Corporate clients who process high volumes of background check and corporate due diligence services recognize that in today’s online world, a deeper dive into a prospective candidate or business partner must include an overview of social media and web content.

Lyndee Fletcher, COO of Vcheck Global stated, “It is important to note that only publicly available data is considered in the social media review process.  Our objective is to deliver maximum value to our clients and to provide highest level of comfort that our methodology is secure and compliant”.


Vcheck Global is a business-to-business provider of due diligence, background checks, employment screening, document retrieval, and specialized research of both business entities and individuals. Vcheck Global offers over 275 due diligence and background check services including custom investigations, international services, and rush processing. Vcheck Global protects its clients by providing essential information about the people and companies they do business with.

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