Third-Party Risk Management at the Speed of Business

Vcheck Global's Rapid Enhanced Diligence (Vcheck RED) offers the right tools at the right time at the touch of a button, simplifying management and mitigation of third-party risk at any stage of business.

Vcheck RED presents a full solution to automated risk screening and ongoing monitoring of your entire third-party portfolio at onboarding and throughout the lifecycle of each third-party relationship.

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Our solution enables instant screening of third parties for sanctions, PEP, watchlists, and adverse media risks, flagging third parties that should receive a closer look—enabling compliance officers and risk managers to quickly order and receive investigator-driven enhanced due diligence reports within a seamless, cloud-based platform.

Advanced Risk Records


Global Sources


Risk management and compliance teams no longer need to search for third-party risk using limited databases that do not connect to their third-party management workflows. Each account on the Vcheck RED platform is configured based on your company's workflows, policies, and risk tolerance.

Vcheck RED also helps risk management and compliance teams eliminate the struggles associated with a constant flood of false positives and the onerous work of clearing often redundant monitoring alerts.

There are four levels of due diligence that can be conducted on your third parties as part of Vcheck RED:

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Predictive Risk Indicator (PRI)

This simple, rules-based risk indicator is powered by an algorithm that applies anti-bribery and corruption, as well as anti-money laundering data sources to all onboarded third parties.

Instant Due Diligence Plus (IDD+)

This advanced risk record assessment is for third parties flagged as medium- and high-risk within the Vcheck RED platform. These third parties are assessed against more than 11 million advanced risk records and 100,000 sources across 50+ risk categories. Risk managers and compliance officers receive IDD+ Monitoring Alert email notifications if the automated system identifies a match.

Instant Due Diligence (IDD)

This automated verification and screening tool examines third parties against 180+ million company registry records. Third-party profiles are flagged based on results.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

Select deep-dive investigations with human-driven intelligence powered by Vcheck Global's highly skilled research team and sources from around the world for your medium- and high-risk third parties that require an investigation. Through the Vcheck RED platform, risk managers and compliance officers can order and receive reports with details of professional competencies and executive track records.

The Vcheck RED platform is made up of interconnected modules that are configurable to your third-party risk management needs. Automate risk screening and ongoing monitoring, instantly screen third parties, order EDD reports, and communicate and manage third parties with questionnaires, attestations, and training.

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Features that Matter

Vcheck RED provides cloud-based portfolio management across 100% of your third parties with corresponding data, document, and audit history. There is an audit trail for every compliance step, decision, and action taken—from onboarding to reporting.

✓ Configurable, digital onboarding questionnaires to fit your risk management needs and corporate compliance policies.

✓ Customized workflows to manage your entire third-party portfolio in a centralized location, which seamlessly integrates with EDD and investigation services.

✓ Robust reporting dashboards and metrics to help compliance departments evaluate and communicate key performance indicators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize Vcheck RED to align with my compliance policies and third-party risk management program?

Yes. Vcheck RED can be configured to your needs by easily enabling or disabling modules and features, such as onboarding questionnaires, risk flags, training, and reports.

Which features of Vcheck RED are human-driven versus automated?

Vcheck RED enables users to choose the right tool at the right time, regardless of whether it is driven by human expertise or automation. Automation tools are applicable in the onboarding, assessment, communication, classification, training, and ongoing monitoring of third parties. Order human-driven investigations of third parties through the Vcheck RED platform with the click of a button.

How does Vcheck RED help minimize false positives in third-party screening?

Vcheck RED benefits from best-in-class data sources to alleviate concerns about out-of-date information. The data sources used by Vcheck RED are updated daily and reviewed by expert analysts to minimize false positives.