Employee Spotlight: Q&A With Vcheck Global’s Senior Quality Control Associate Sara Bednarcik


Our mission at Vcheck Global is a significant one: to protect our clients by providing more information about the companies and people that they do business with. In the spirit of that mission, we have started an Employee Spotlight series, to feature more information about the ambitious, charming, and diligent team working to make Vcheck Global a success. 

Today we’re featuring one of our Senior Associates and recent Vcheck Global Employee of the Month, Sara Bednarcik. Sara serves the company by performing thorough reviews of due diligence reports for accuracy and quality control. In this interview, we uncover her personal mantra and how her childhood dream job might have influenced her path to working for Vcheck Global.

How long have you worked for Vcheck Global?

July 7, 2019 marked my three-year anniversary with Vcheck Global; however, with the amount of knowledge and experience I have gained during this time, it feels like it has been a lot longer (not in a bad way).

What is your role at the company?
My title is Senior Associate, Quality Control. This role entails reviewing due diligence reports to ensure that they are accurate and of high quality.

How has Vcheck Global changed since you’ve joined?
Vcheck Global has grown exponentially since I joined the team. It started out as a very small company with a handful of employees and is now a company that continues to grow and function like a well oiled machine.

Do you have a motto or personal mantra?
Not necessarily but I made my personal email address “letsdothis” since I find that statement to be inspiring. It’s always good to actively be doing something whether it is going on an adventure, learning about something new, or launching a new business.

What did you want to be when growing up?
A detective. That may be how I ended up in my current position as it involves investigating and I find it to be enjoyable.

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