RiskWatch: Reputational Risk Huddle with the Cleveland Browns


In the eighth episode of RiskWatch, Vcheck Global VP and General Manager of Vcheck Intelligence Rahul Ravi speaks with Roger Jones, Director, Corporate Partnerships for the Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland natives tackle topics including partnership vetting, player endorsements, and community collaboration.

This conversation covers:

  • Introduction to Roger 0:50
  • How the Browns and NFL vet partners 03:05
  • The Browns role in player endorsements 11:06
  • How the Browns navigate the news cycle 18:05
  • The Brown’s in-house reputational risk research process 23:55
  • COVID challenges and community partnerships 26:55
  • Incorporating environmental, social, and corporate Governance (ESG) considerations into partnerships 31:48
  • Identifying and remediating player reputational issues 40:26
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