RiskWatch: Navigating Cannabis Compliance


In this episode of Vcheck Global’s podcast RiskWatch, human intelligence expert Alex Sorin speaks with Shawn Hauser, partner and chair of the Hemp and Cannabinoids Practice Group at national marijuana law firm Vicente Sederberg in Denver, Colorado. Hauser helps marijuana (cannabis) and hemp businesses navigate intellectual property, investment, regulatory compliance, and state and federal law. This conversation covers a number of interesting angles on the topic of cannabis compliance, including how legal frameworks have changed, how cannabis and hemp companies can navigate regulatory compliance, and some of the core requirements for conducting due diligence.

Topics of discussion:

  • The significance of the December 2018 U.S. Agriculture Improvement Act (widely known as the farm bill) and hemp’s de-listing from the U.S. Controlled Substances Act
  • Whether the 2018 farm bill encourage further investment in the industry or cause more confusion
  • What investors should understand about navigating cannabis regulation from the outset
  • The importance of transparency for cannabis companies and attracting investment
  • How cannabis companies can remain compliant over the long term
  • The cannabis company licensing and background check stipulations within the farm bill
  • The key things you should look for when initiating due diligence into a cannabis enterprise
  • If the limited number of licenses to operate a cannabis business is opening the door to potential corruption issues
  • How cannabis and hemp companies can manage third-party risk


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