RiskWatch: Making a Killing – South Sudanese Military Leaders’ Wealth, Explained


In this episode of Vcheck Global’s podcast, RiskWatch, our host speaks with the author of “Making a Killing: South Sudanese Military Leaders’ Wealth, Explained,” a report published by The Sentry earlier this year. The report uncovers how top military and opposition leaders in South Sudan engaged in what appears to be corrupt business activities and money laundering.

When an investigative report such as this is released, it can highlight how these activities continue to weaken the country’s institutions, undermine the rule of law, and may lead to renewed violence. It can also cause reputational damage for institutional investors and partners who are linked to companies and other individuals engaging in corrupt activities. The podcast discusses these issues and other risks, and the way forward for South Sudan.

The Sentry is a collective of policy and government experts, journalists, financial and legal investigators, and human rights lawyers, focused on following dirty money connected to war criminals and war profiteers.

Download the report highlighted in this episode of RiskWatch here: https://cdn.thesentry.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/MakingAKilling_TheSentry_May2020.pdf

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