RiskWatch: Investigating Russia’s Sanctioned Oligarchs


As businesses and investors worldwide rush to ensure compliance with aggressive sanctions targeting Russian companies and regime-connected individuals, identifying ties to the expansive business empires of Russian oligarchs is a top priority.

Tom Stocks, senior investigator with the Organized Crime and Reporting Project (OCCRP) joined RiskWatch to discuss the challenges of tracking oligarch assets including industries and locales warranting scrutiny and the ways oligarchs hide their assets.

This conversation covers:

  • 0:52 – 03:12 Surprises revealed by OCCRP’s Russian Asset Tracker Project
  • 03:13 – 06:12 Oligarch efforts to conceal assets
  • 06:13 – 09:46 How OCCRP identifies oligarch assets 
  • 09:47 – 13:10 The evolution of Russia sanctions
  • 13:11 – 15:04 Russia’s response to sanctions
  • 15:05 – 18:21 Industries and locations favored by oligarchs
  • 18:22 – 21:39 The UK’s Economic Crime Act
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