RiskWatch: Data Transparency and its Investigative Impact


Vcheck Global’s podcast RiskWatch is back with brand-new episodes! In the seventh episode of RiskWatch, Vcheck Global Senior Associate Seth Harlan speaks with Shanti Salas, VP, North America, for OpenCorporates and Rahul Ravi, VP and General Manager of Vcheck Intelligence, for Vcheck Global. Both Shanti and Rahul have been practitioners in the reputational due diligence space where their work covered issues including KYC, AML, and third-party risk management across supply chains.

Open Corporates is the largest open database of companies in the world. Its transparent company data is used by leading providers of investigative due diligence, including Vcheck Global, to expose corruption and criminality.  

This conversation covers:

  • Introduction to OpenCorporates 1:11
  • Obstacles to transparency 1:44
  • Transparent company data 5:35 
  • How transparent company data aids in investigations 9:32
  • How OpenCorporates data supports ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) initiatives 13:29
  • The Shift from opaque to transparent data 14:55 
  • How technology supports investigations 15:55
  • The future of corporate data and investigations 18:42


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