Public records research combined with discreet interviews provided Vcheck’s client the confidence they needed to proceed with a board appointment of a PEP.


Executive & Board Member Screening






Vcheck's client was considering a board appointment of a politically exposed person. The candidate's career had culminated in a senior role at a company closely tied to several members of the royal family of a Middle Eastern country. The client requested Vcheck conduct source inquiries to understand the extent to which the candidate had personal political connections in the country, including whether the candidate had unduly benefited from such connections, either personally or professionally. Via a network of well-placed and trusted sources in the region, Vcheck was able to gather extensive reputational commentary.


Sources familiar with the candidate professionally were able to verify that he was an industry expert and as experienced as he appeared on paper. The confirmation of the candidate’s professional experience and capabilities was echoed by well-connected sources in the country. These sources emphasized that, as a foreigner, the candidate’s profile among the political elite was relatively limited, and that there were no inappropriate financial or interpersonal relationships between the candidate and members of the royal family.

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