Katy Thomas, Chief Information Officer, Vcheck Global, and Alex Sorin, VP of Global Diligence Markets, Vcheck Global

Vcheck Global accelerates market leadership with the key appointments of Katy Thomas as Chief Information Officer and Alex Sorin as Vice President of Global Diligence Markets.

“Vcheck Global has been in a sustained period of incredible growth, having demonstrated our dedication to consistently high-quality research, on-time delivery, and turnaround times that meet the needs of clients with increasingly tight deadlines,” said Julie Peck, CEO of Vcheck Global. “Our deep level of engagement with our clients has given us not just the opportunity to serve them better than anyone else in this industry, but also the chance to gain unique insights into what can and should come next in this industry as the global risk environment evolves at record pace. We’re thrilled to have talent with as much seasoned experience and passion for innovation as Katy and Alex in these key roles.”

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