Protect Your Business & Employees

Navigating the complexities of employment regulations across jurisdictions without expertise can put a company in a precarious situation with prospective and new hires.

Vcheck Global’s team of highly skilled investigators prepare thorough, customized pre-employment reports for different executive roles, and each include content that meets labor laws in each client’s locality. We stay abreast of jurisdictional employment laws to ensure our clients are not at risk of potential litigation for denying job candidates or terminating current employees.

Core Features

Criminal Record Search

Searching and reporting on criminal records found across all jurisdictions.

Professional History

Verifying employment and education history including international work history.

International Coverage

Combing public records, databases, and media sources in foreign countries.

Social Media Analysis

Analyzing social media content for a more complete picture of your candidate.

Hiding a Lack of Professional Experience, Or Worse

From corporations to venture capital firms investing in startups, the need for a thorough due diligence investigations partner in the process of hiring a new CEO, appointing a new board member, or investing in a founder has never been greater. Vcheck Global’s executive pre-employment screenings can uncover unexpected information about an individual, from derogatory social media posts to false claims about a university degree.

Our clients want to confidently engage with a business executive knowing in advance key facts that regulatory bodies, shareholders, and the media could uncover. For example, private equity firms often seek background investigations on the founders of the businesses they are considering for investment to ensure they have identified all possible risks, conflicts of interest, professional history, connections to or past crimes, and reputational concerns.

Our clients want to confidently engage with a business executive knowing in advance key facts that regulatory bodies, shareholders, and the media could uncover.

Vcheck Global's investigators have, on multiple occasions, uncovered a startup founder promoting that they attended or received a degree from a particular university on their LinkedIn profile, when in fact the individual only attended for a short period of time or were enrolled in a program where they received a certificate. This information is always provided to our clients as part of our due diligence reports.

In addition to public records searches, our investigative team will gather and analyze data from social media channels and the individual's online presence including public profiles on business networking platforms such as Crunchbase and AngelList.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the executive candidate know if he or she is being screened?

Vcheck Global always follows all industry regulations and standards when conducting executive pre-employment screenings. Based on SRA and employment laws, an employer can never screen potential employee without getting a release form from the candidate ensuring that they know their rights and the information being provided to the employer.

What specific criteria is provided by Vcheck Global in an executive pre-employment screening?

We have various capabilities based on our clients’ internal compliance. Our team can help guide you through industry standards to set up protocols for your company.

For example, our investigators can compile existing criminal and civil records from court systems in the U.S. and abroad, social media content analysis, reviews of sanctions and government watchlists, and verification of educational and employment history.

How often should a company screen its executives?

Many firms only screen executives upon hiring. Your company may be exposed to more risk by limiting employment screening in this way. Vcheck Global can assist you in determining how to mitigate risk with your current staff.