Make Wiser Investment Choices

Real estate is as complex as it is an exciting business. Real estate investors want to know that the financing provided for a project is properly used, which is why they choose Vcheck Global. Any time a bank or private lender is preparing to provide money to parties involved in a real estate investment, the lender is required to perform certain due diligence research on those parties prior to delivering funds.

Sometimes the parties are all located in the U.S., and sometimes there are foreign investors involved. Regardless of where these parties operate, there is always a concern of criminal activity—from fraud to money laundering—and financial instability, such as bankruptcy and poor credit. Due to the significant amount of capital on the line with commercial real estate deals and their inherent risk, the scope of Vcheck Global’s investigations includes criminal litigation, assets, liens, judgments, and bankruptcies.

In a recent investigation conducted by Vcheck Global, a U.S. search for a commercial lender of all public records came back clean. We let the client know that the subject of the search has a presence in Bangladesh worth looking into. We explored media reports about this subject and it turned out that he was involved in Bangladesh’s healthcare mafia. The client shared deep gratitude for having saved them from getting tied up in a multi-million-dollar loan with the subject. This is just one of many examples of investigations Vcheck Global conducts on behalf of clients in the real estate industry.

Applicable Services

We investigate deals associated with CMBS, bridge, mezzanine, and small balance loans.

We verify sources of wealth to avoid unstable or possibly criminal dealings.

When public records aren’t enough, we use human intelligence to build a profile.

We provide global investigations into foreign buyers before deals move forward.