AML Requirements Compliance

Vcheck Global’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) services assist with third-party onboarding of business partners, suppliers, and vendors by verifying identity, reviewing sanctions and watchlists, and adhering to the regulatory requirements of countries you do business including, but not limited to the U.S. Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control consolidated sanctions and specially designated nationals lists, EU Consolidated Sanctions, UK Treasury Sanctions, UN sanctions, and Interpol's most wanted list.

Each third-party relationship deserves detailed attention before and during the engagement with the goal of reducing risk while boosting your bottom line. Vcheck Global’s investigative reports reveal details that will either strengthen the relationship or create a cause for concern, including corruption and illegal activity.

Core Features

Simplified Onboarding

Streamlining vendor and client onboarding using proven techniques.

Identity Verification

Verifying data sources, identity, and potential subsidiary ownership for exposure.

Extensive Data Access

Poring through regulations, international sanctions lists, and watchlists.

Derogatory News Review

Gathering and analyzing derogatory news media reports and intelligence.

Verify Identity In 24 Hours

Vcheck Global works with clients who require rigorous, detailed KYC/AML screenings of vendors, suppliers, agents, and other business relationships to verify identity as well as known locations, associates, and appearance on sanctions lists and government watchlists. Businesses often come to Vcheck Global when they receive a tip about suspicious activity.

These businesses are often required by government regulation to verify the identity of a third party or prospective or existing clients to assess potential risk. Failure to accurately and quickly complete KYC/AML screening reports can result in hefty fines, increased overhead, customer loss, and reputational damage.

Businesses often come to Vcheck Global when they receive a tip about suspicious activity.

When our investigators take on the case and conduct a name search, for example, many times we have found the subject has one or more aliases. As we dig deeper, we may find foreclosures, massive debt, and even criminal activity associated with the verified alias.

In other cases, Vcheck Global investigators have conducted international media searches of the name of a subject and found that the individual was associated with crimes in foreign countries. Our KYC/AML services have helped companies save millions in what could have been lost revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your Know Your Customer / AML report include?

Vcheck Global's investigators gather intelligence and report on identity, known locations and associates, and sanctions and watchlists. Each report can be customized based on our clients' specific industry regulations.

Do your reports cover international sanctions and watchlists?

Yes, each Know Your Customer / AML report includes data gathered from both domestic and foreign searches including public records and online databases. Often, clients request further human intelligence via discreet source inquiries.

Can you uncover a company’s UBO operating in a jurisdiction with limited records?

By leveraging open source information and human intelligence gathered through discreet source inquiries, Vcheck Global’s investigative team is often able to identify a company’s ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) that is operating in a jurisdiction that has limited or difficult-to-uncover public records. Moreover, our investigators can reveal if that UBO is a “front man” or the true owner.