Analyze Social Media Activity

Vcheck Global's artificial intelligence (AI) social media reporting involves scanning social media posts going back seven years and analyzing all derogatory content. All data gathered is reviewed and compiled by an investigator into a custom report based on client-selected “social media red flags,” and each report meets industry security and compliance standards.

The content individuals disseminate on social media can make or break careers, swing stock prices, and kick off legal investigations. Vcheck Global uses AI technology to scan social media data and uncover an individual's public online identity, providing a more robust picture of their reputation.

Core Features

Comprehensive Analysis

Analyzing all public posts across social media to create a detailed report.

Customizable Red Flags

Customizing labels that tell our AI to flag discriminatory and derogatory content.

Associates Verification

Verifying association risks such as criminal history and political affiliation.

Derogatory Content Review

Uncovering drug use, hate speech, violent, explicit or illegal activity.

Social Media Exposes Traits and Behaviors

Social media due diligence has become a critical component of investigations for clients engaging in various business activity including M&A transactions, board of director selection, and lawsuits. Vcheck Global frequently uncovers evidence of discriminatory, violent, sexual, and illegal behavior on social media, helping clients avoid unsuitable hires and pinpoint alarming behavior of employees.

Consider this: a personal injury claim could be disproven by careful analysis of social media activity. The buyer in an M&A transaction could decide against a purchase based on negative experiences shared on social media by dissatisfied employees. Or, an employee could share confidential business information on social media and thereby lose trust and possibly revenue.

Consider this: a personal injury claim could be disproven by careful analysis of social media activity.

Vcheck Global’s AI technology can scan all public social media profile posts to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, including posts a user as favorited. With so much noise on social media, using AI makes it faster and easier to find gems in the treasure trove of potential intelligence.

Social media data is otherwise difficult to uncover, but thanks to artificial intelligence Vcheck Global’s investigations are now generated faster with a larger quantity of accurate, public data than traditional investigations. By reducing the number of hours it takes our investigators to comb through content, that time is instead better spent on verifying the data and compiling it into useful reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI social media reports improve due diligence?

Our hybrid approach of human and technology insight, poring through hundreds of pages of content from the subject’s public profiles, as well as content that includes a name and affiliation match, can be completed with the quickest and most accurate reporting.

Can AI uncover social media content that is private or behind a paywall?

Vcheck Global’s tools gather social media content that is available on public profiles. We respect the policies of social media platforms allowing users to create content that is private or behind a paywall. If the client is willing to pay for content behind a paywall, we will work with them to access that content.

Will the subject be notified of the AI social media screening?

Vcheck Global adheres to all legal requirements and industry standards when performing all investigations. In the case of AI social media screenings, we are not required to notify the subject.