A company that really cares about their reputation and people would never sacrifice any sort of quality.

Almost three years ago, a representative from a well-known rideshare company told me that their interest in conducting background checks was to “check a box.” According to this representative, because of the volume of background checks their business requires and the costs associated with conducting them, the company was more comfortable paying for discrimination lawsuits than paying higher fees for quality investigations and reports. This mentality exemplifies companies that care less about their people than about their bottom line.

This scenario has become too common, as almost on a daily basis through my Google Alerts I’m notified about other companies in our space acquiescing to these demands and failing to perform their due diligence in background check investigations. Thus, we see a problem on both sides—the background check company and, in this case, the rideshare company, are both sacrificing integrity for revenue.

These companies want to make a lot of money, but by just running database searches they are forfeiting quality. More often than not, those companies are relying on partial data, letting results associated with a common name go unverified without a secondary or tertiary data point. Database information is not always fresh, meaning what looks to be a $3,000 tax lien could actually be $300,000 tax lien. Database searches also won’t pick up aliases. This approach is more than insufficient; it is the black eye of the industry, which is why peers in our industry must cross reference different sources of intelligence for every investigation conducted.

Some of the appropriate ways that Vcheck Global is currently going about lowering costs and tapering turnaround time is how we have embraced automation on the front end of an investigation and human intelligence on the back end to review every single report. We have built a team of experienced domestic and international investigators who can help us uncover valuable information for our clients while investigators to courthouses and examining civil records, state, county, and federal data while having boots on the ground in countries around the world and conducting discreet interviews. Our team exposes corruption, litigation, negative media, bankruptcy, criminal, and other records.

By no means are we the only company taking these measures, but unfortunately it is the exception rather than the norm.

There is a saying out there, “If Vcheck can’t find the dirt, it’s probably doesn’t exist.”