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Human intelligence-driven due diligence, commonly referred to as source inquiries, is an effective way to enhance traditional public records diligence and mitigate a variety of risk issues. By going beyond public records, source inquiries are a critical tool to illuminate risk and provide further clarity and context to potential issues. 

Richard Sutherland, Vice President of Human Intelligence at Vcheck Global, joins colleagues Alex Sorin, Vice President of Global Diligence Markets, and Seth Harlan, host of RiskWatch, to help demystify source inquiries and discuss what trends Vcheck saw in 2021 and what 2022 is expected to bring in regards to emerging risk issues and source inquiries jurisdictions.

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This conversation covers:

  • 0:42 – 01:54 What are source inquires?
  • 01:55 – 05:57 How human intelligence can supplement traditional public records diligence and the types of deals or transactions source inquires can support
  • 05:58 – 08:43 The role location plays when dialing in the focus of an inquiry
  • 08:44 – 10:56 How Vcheck is able to consistently deliver impactful and thoroughly vetted intelligence on tight deadlines
  • 10:57 – 14:07 The importance of being a trusted partner to clients
  • 14:08 – 17:10 The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on source inquiry demand
  • 17:11 – 19:50 How pandemic induced supply chain issues have increased the risk of corruption and bribery internationally
  • 19:51 – 23:21 How source inquires can support American companies vetting third party agents abroad
  • 23:22 – 26:09 Source inquiry market predictions for 2022