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In a recent interview with Vcheck Global’s Co-Chairman Seth Farbman, our own Rahul Ravi shed light on the critical due diligence required for principles and boards prior to initial public offerings (IPO) and other large capital market transactions.

Ravi has been in corporate investigations for about nine years, starting his career at Kroll then worked at Exiger before becoming a director with Vcheck Global. He has worked with many private equity funds, investment bankers, and legal counsels to ensure proper due diligence investigations are completed and that the client is aware of any inherent risk. Ravi oversees these investigations related to these types of transactions. The focus of these is to inform the client of any red flags (i.e. falsification of education, adverse issues at prior employment, reputational issues in the industry in question) so they can take the necessary next steps to protect themselves and their investments.

You can watch/listen to the interview here.

In this interview, Ravi discusses why these types of firms tend to seek independent third parties such as Vcheck Global to conduct due diligence as opposed to performing the task in-house, the difference between background checks and professional or industry reputation investigations, and how public records can be combined with human source intelligence to provide an overall reputational portrait of subjects of a transaction.