Informed Investment Decisions

Private equity firms seek Vcheck Global to conduct thorough professional background check investigations to identify issues of integrity—long before deal expenses pile up. Mitigating these risks often preserve the strength and longevity of a private equity firm's position in a given industry.

Firms that purchase private stakes in business are required to investigate specific details of each potential buy, including prior acquisitions, executive hires, and operational stability. This valuable data can help private equity firms mitigate risk before placing investments into a 10-year fund. Vcheck Global's team of highly trained investigators are adept at uncovering and reporting critical-to-know nuances of private equity opportunities, such as current employee criminal history, prior corporate bankruptcies, credit problems, lawsuits, and outstanding tax debt.

For example, a private equity firm chose to work with Vcheck Global to investigate a potential investment opportunity with an individual. The domestic investigation on the subject came back clean, however it was identified that the subject had lived in Canada and in Israel. The international due diligence initially came back clean as well, until we directed a linguist specialist who spoke Hebrew to search the subject’s name. That is when we discovered that the subject had fled from Israel to Canada after being charged with fraud. This vital information helped the private equity firm make a sound decision and protect investment funds.

Applicable Services

We investigate acquisition opportunities, their leadership, and new hires.

Using social media AI, we compile relevant results to portray personality.

We gather human intelligence onsite with key employees and associates.

Our investigators can find sources of wealth and funding for individuals and entities.

We research entities and individuals around the globe, including tax havens.

We vet investors in the AML process to verify the source of investment money.