Due Diligence for Your Clients

Law firms, particularly corporate, litigation, bankruptcy, real estate, securities and litigation practices, seek Vcheck Global’s assistance in performing thorough due diligence and asset verification for their clients. Law firms also choose Vcheck Global to perform due diligence for insight related to corporate investments, mergers & acquisitions, litigation research, employment and partnerships, new office purchases, or new vendor selections.

In order to provide a complete due diligence report to their clients, or if kept in-house, law firms rely on Vcheck Global’s highly skilled investigative team to procure official public records including complaints, dockets, judgments and liens regardless of jurisdiction that are needed to mitigate risk and make informed decisions.

For example, a law firm engaged Vcheck Global on behalf of a large U.S.-based energy company to assist with their overall due diligence. The firm, as a regular client, consistently engages Vcheck to provide information on a variety of subject matter, from deals with other corporations, to C-level executive promotions and partnerships, to client specific requests and needs. Our first case with the firm resulted in a clear report, included requested county level research, along with federal level, and ultimately gave a green light for their GC to best advise their corporate client.

Vcheck’s unique approach to due diligence and the resulting reports are a key component to the larger due diligence package for any legal team.

Applicable Services

We assist with investigations triggered by regulations, M&A, and whistleblowers.

We verify employment history and industry reputation of potential new executive hires.

We conduct opposition research and site visits through our global source network.

We comb through social media content for discriminatory and illegal activity.

We vet foreign third-party vendors, suppliers, agents, and business partners.

We verify sources of wealth for lawsuits, M&A, new employees, and business partnerships.