Verify Loan Applicants

Vcheck Global has helped many commercial real estate financiers thoroughly investigate small- to mid-sized business asset-based loan applicants to create a detailed portrait of the company and its assets and liabilities. Our team of experienced investigators are well equipped to conduct public record research, coordinate on-site visits, and run discreet source inquiries with relevant business associates and employees.

Often, asset-based loan seekers are experiencing cash flow problems stemming from rapid growth. Commercial loans secured by company assets such as accounts receivable and inventory are typically structured as revolving credit lines, creating a long-term relationship with the loan holder and provider. It is incumbent upon capital financiers to not only determine the value of the collateral and verify all assets, but also uncover any encumbrances on identified collateral, determine the reputation of the business, its leadership, and existing sources of funding.

For example, Vcheck Global investigators can assist an asset-based lender determine what they are able to recoup on a defaulted loan by uncovering individuals who may be able to claim assets involved in a deal. These facts can help asset-based lending providers prevent high-risk deals from going through and mitigate risk before entering into an agreement.

Applicable Services

We verify the value of a company's accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment.

We confirm the total value of assets and liabilities before determining a borrowing base.

We gather valuable intelligence from relevant sources before closing an ABL deal.

We explore the value and relationships associated with foreign assets owned.