Getting Started FAQ

How do I enter an order?

Select the Due Date Type. The “Normal” delivery time frame is three business days. For ASAP requests, we make every effort to have reports available in 24 hours.

Indicate whether you want us to auto-generate a release. Many reports require a release form. For your convenience, we can auto-generate a release form and email it for secure electronic signature. If you have a release on file, choose “I will Upload a Signed Release Form” and upload below.

Select the report you would like to order. You will notice that when you choose a report, you have the option to supplement your order with additional detailed reports.

If you’ve chosen to have us collect a signed release, enter the name and email address of the recipient, and we’ll send it out for secure signature and notify you when it’s been returned. If you are uploading a release, you’ll need to complete the online form that contains this information.

Next, choose the individuals you want to notify. You can send a notification with Status updates, the actual report, invoices, the credit card receipt or all four. If there are external recipients (non-users of the system or third parties), enter them in the “external notifications” section.

Finish your request by uploading any documents that are pertinent to your order and hitting CREATE.

The Vcheck service to gather release information is easy and reduces the chances of error. Plus, it’s free for Vcheck clients!

How do I set up payment information?

In the Payments Manager menu, you can indicate whether you’ll be making payments with a credit card, or by check, wire or ACH. Your payment information is stored in a secure credit card transaction processing system. You will be notified via email from the system each time you authorize a transaction.

How do I get my reports?
For clients who use the online ordering systems, reports are published directly in the platform. You will see your report cards move from a "working" status to a "published" status. For clients who are not users of the system, reports and updates will be delivered based on your preference.
When do I get billed?
Invoices are delivered with completed reports. Click on the invoices menu item to see a complete list of your invoices. If you have chosen to process payment via credit card, just click on the action button to make a payment. If you need a summary invoices, please use the chat bot on this page and we'll prepare one immediately!