Yes, it’s a great way to celebrate on the fourth of July. But fireworks in the workplace? Not so good. More than one employer found themselves cleaning up a huge mess left by an employee who should have never been hired in the first place.

Bare-bones background checks continue to be an explosive danger to those seeking to save money on candidate screening. False positives during the hiring process (criminal ‘hits’ belonging to a different person) expose the employer to litigation. Post-hire disasters involving convicted criminals in the workplace exposes the employer to a long list of potential lawsuits, losses, negative publicity, and increases in insurance premiums.

We strive to help employers decrease the chances of getting burned. Our thorough employment screening services utilize many different information sources from quality providers to better screen out the people you don’t want in your business.

As always…. Vcheck Global helps you learn more about the people and companies you do business with.