Crowdfunding: A Huckster’s Dream Come True

Anyone who says “crime doesn’t pay” never discussed their views with a fraud investigator. Crime DOES pay, and profits come from those who don’t perform proper due diligence.

Greed and accelerated or unrealistic wealth expectations are present in most non-traditional investment failures. Crowdfunding’s lower due diligence requirements, smaller investment size,  wider qualified investor pool, and still-developing regulatory oversight will translate into unsophisticated individuals being taken to the cleaners.

Our recent background checks on crowdfunding principals have uncovered more than a few desperate people with poor track records and creditors hounding their heels for debts incurred from previous failed businesses. Not an ideal person to give your hard-earned money to…. but how would you know that?

With flat-rate affordable due diligence on individuals and companies, we can help you know more about the companies and people you invest in.

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