Bank Managers Gone Wild!

True story from the Vcheck Files.. A darn good reason to consider annual background checks

Life Is Not Static. You are not the same person you were 10 years ago, and neither are your employees and managers. People change, economic health ebbs and flows, life throws curve balls aimed at the head and there’s nothing you can do about it.

But from a risk management perspective, you should at least be aware of these changes among your staff because they may cause enormous problems for your company.

Think about it: A new employee undergoes a background check and no criminal records are found. What are the odds a new, serious offense is committed after they’re hired? How would you find out?

Years ago I received a call from one of our banking clients in Texas. Someone in the bank had received an anonymous phone message that a branch manager of 20 years had been arrested over the weekend, but the manager had showed up for work on Monday as usual. The client wanted us to find out if the rumor was true before they confronted him.

We quickly located an arrest for a DUI on the previous Friday with additional charges of marijuana and handgun possession. Wow. The defendant was released on bond and returned to work, failing to disclose the arrest to senior management.

Why did the manager suddenly go rogue? As we started to uncover more arrests and public records, it became apparent he had been ‘Livin La Vida Loca‘ for a long time.
– Three months ago, another DUI.
– Six months prior, marijuana possession.
– Sixteen months prior, DUI.
– Two years prior, residential foreclosure and bankruptcy.
– The same year he went through a messy divorce and there had been a restraining order filed against him.
– Three years prior, found with a prostitute & arrested.
– Five years prior, DUI twice.

He had started with the bank just out of high school and was steadily promoted over the years without ever being subjected to another background check. All of his arrest records were filed in another county where he lived. He was a private person and no one had a clue that his life had been unraveling for quite some time.

Some questions to ponder…

1) What are your risks if you were employing a convicted felon?

2) How would you know if an employee had a post-hiring conviction?

3) Does your HR policies require employees to report convictions?

4) Does your background check authorization allow you to perform inquiries for a limited amount of time?

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Know better who you’ve been doing business with.

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