What is an API?
API stands for Application Programming Interface.
When you log into an application online, you are accessing the application through a user interface (sometimes called graphical user interface or GUI). An application programming interface gives you the ability to access an application’s features and data from another application.
How does the Vcheck API help us?
Many companies use Vcheck to perform due diligence and employment screening as part of larger workflows such as mergers & acquisitions, real estate, commercial credit and employment screening. If your company has automated any of these workflows, you can easily transmit data to the Vcheck Case Manager portal directly from your system. This eliminates both the work of double-entering data and the resulting errors, saving time and hassle.
What can I do with the Vcheck API?
The Vcheck API gives you the ability to do everything that you normally do by logging in to the portal via the API. In that way, you can order, retrieve reports, check statuses, and execute payments from your existing or new internal system.
What else should I know?
Using the APIs will require that you have a developer who is comfortable working with APIs. Vcheck Global offers those services at discounted rates for their clients.